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How to Obtain the Yellow Tabien Baan for House Registration in Thailand



Are you a foreigner living in Thailand seeking to access government services, or obtain a Thai ID card? Look no further than the yellow tabien baan, a government-issued document that lists all foreign individuals holding a ‘Temporary Stay’ or a ‘Long Stay’ visa/visa exemption who live at the condo or house address specified in the house registration book.

What is the Yellow Tabien Baan?

The yellow tabien baan, also known as the house registration book, is a booklet issued by the Thai government. It lists all foreign individuals holding a ‘Temporary Stay’ or a ‘Long Stay’ visa/visa exemption who live at a specific address in Thailand. Many foreigners in Thailand do not bother registering on a yellow tabien baan due to a lack of awareness of their existence. However, registering on a tabien baan provides foreigners with a unique ID number, useful for dealing with certain government agencies.

Requirements for Obtaining a Yellow Tabien Baan

The application requirements for a yellow tabien baan in Thailand differ from one registration office to another. Therefore, it is recommended to check with the local registration authority to gather the necessary paperwork. At the very least, the applicant will have to submit the original as well as photocopies of the following documents:

  • Current passport (containing a valid Thai entry permit)
  • Work permit (if applicable)
  • Marriage certificate together with the Thai spouse’s national ID card and blue tabien baan (if any)
  • Lease agreement along with the landlord’s ID and blue tabien baan (if renting the property)
  • Existing blue tabien baan (if exchanging)

In addition, the district or local registration office may request a notarized copy of the personal information page of the applicant’s passport translated into Thai and passport-style photographs. Additionally, applicants will have to be accompanied by one or two Thai witnesses who’ll be asked to attest to their identity and residential status and undergo an informal interview.

Where to Obtain a Yellow Tabien Baan

When buying a house or condo in Thailand, the new owner is typically given the tabien baan for the property during the transfer process at the Land Office. However, it’ll usually be a blue tabien baan (or ‘Thor Ror 14’) where only the names of Thai owners and those foreigners who have permanent residency in Thailand can be entered. It’s possible for a non-resident foreign owner living in their property to swap the blue tabien baan for a yellow tabien baan, into which their name can be added. To apply for a yellow tabien baan, visit the amphoe office responsible for administering civil registrations for the municipality or district in which the condo or house is located.

Processing Time for Obtaining a Yellow Tabien Baan

Foreigners can usually collect their brand new yellow tabien baan within an hour or two of lodging the necessary papers. However, it may take longer, occasionally several weeks or even a few months if the registration office dealing with the application is not well acquainted with the process.

Requirements for a Thai Yellow Tabien Baan

There are two types of tabien baan: the blue tabien baan for Thai nationals and permanent residents, and the yellow tabien baan for foreigners without permanent residency in Thailand. The yellow tabien baan lists all foreign individuals holding a ‘Temporary Stay’ or a ‘Long Stay’ visa/visa exemption who live at the condo or house address specified in the house registration book.

Do You Need to Live Where You Are Registered?

No, it’s very common for most Thai’s not to live where they are registered, particularly people who have to move provinces for work. Landlords generally don’t let their tenants be registered on their tabien baan either.

Processing Time for a Thai Yellow Tabien Baan

Depending on how familiar the district office is with issuing them, the blue tabien baan and the yellow tabien baan can be issued with little fuss in under an hour. For more remote district offices, it may take a number of days if sign-offs from senior officials in that particular office are required.

Benefits of Having a Yellow Tabien Baan

The yellow tabien baan is widely accepted nationwide whenever your address in Thailand needs to be verified. It is useful when registering a Thai pre-paid SIM card, arranging a home broadband service, obtaining a Thai driver’s license, enrolling as a patient at a hospital or clinic, purchasing a vehicle, transferring ownership of real estate, checking into a hotel or for an internal flight, opening a Thai bank account, or setting up mains electricity or water supply. Additionally, it offers the holder the opportunity to secure the Thai price at venues, like National Parks, which inflict two-tier admission rates and makes them eligible to receive a Pink ID card for foreigners, not to mention affording a sense of being more a part of Thai society.


Registering on a yellow tabien baan in Thailand is a straightforward process that can provide access to a variety of government services, financial institutions, and unique identification numbers. Although the requirements and processing times vary between registration offices, obtaining a yellow tabien baan is an important step for foreign nationals living in Thailand.



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