September 6

What is a Residence Certificate and How to Get it?


A residence certificate is a legal document that contains your current home address (permanently or semi-permanently). The document may be issued by the immigration office in your neighborhood or by the embassy that represents your home nation. Please note that a TM30 receipt is not a residence certificate.

The residence certificate is primarily used to purchase vehicles and/or apply for a driving license in Thailand, though it might also be needed in some other legal situations.

Please be aware that requirements and fees may vary depending on the policies of each embassy when applying for a residence certificate from them. It is highly recommended that you get in touch with the embassy directly to find out exact details about the fee, necessary paperwork, and procedures.

You need to have completed 90-day reporting at least once in order to apply for an immigration office residence certificate. The immigration office will not let you request a residence certificate if you have never completed a 90-day report on your most recent entry.

Required documents for "Residence Certificate"

1. Residence Certificate Application Form in Thailand
2. Original passport (as well as a copy of the biodata page, current visa, most recent entry stamp, and TM.6 Card)
3. Receipt of 90-day Report Notification
4. A copy of your Address Notification Receipt (TM.30).
5. A copy of your house lease agreement and rental contract where you stay including:
– A copy of ID/Passport (if a foreigner) of the landlord
– A copy of the house registration book of the landlord
– A copy of the title deed to confirm who is the owner required if the landlord is not a household
6. One passport-size photo (white background taken within 6 months)

To request a residence certificate, get in touch with the immigration office where you've submitted your most recent 90-day reporting. Please be aware that each immigration office may charge a different amount for processing, which can take 10 to 15 working days.

You will receive a receipt once your paperwork has been successfully submitted, and you must bring it with you when you pick up your residence certificate. Unless otherwise specified, the residence certificate is valid for 30 days.

The residence certificate should not be copied. You will be required to apply for a new document if you need to use a different certificate.


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