1 year stay extension for Thailand Elite visa holders

As a Thailand Elite Visa (PE) holder, you are entitled to a 5 years renewable multi-entry visa, but each time you are entering in Thailand, you will be granted by the immigration officer at the port of entry a 1 year stay. Please check the entry stamp to mae sure it is 1 year from your last entry date, in some case, the immigration officer may not see that you are holding a Thailand Elite (PE) Visa. In case, the stamp is less than 1 year, please immediately inform the immigration officer that you are holding a Thailand Elite visa by showing him the visa sticker.

In case, you wish to stay more than 1 year in Thailand without to leave the country, you must apply for a 1 year stay extension at the nearest immigration office in your province. Failure to apply for a 1 year extension, and staying in Thailand after the expiry date of your stamp will be considered as overstay and will have serious legal consequences which can even lead to be not allowed to stay in Thailand for several years.

Guide to apply to 1 year stay extension for Thailand Elite visa holder:

Members looking to extend their stay in Thailand can conveniently do so at the provincial immigration office nearest to their area of residence. The immigration officer will extend the stay in accordance with the member’s visa type. This service is available for a fee of THB1,900 and members can apply for this extension up to 30 days prior to their current visa expiry.

For Thailand Elite Members, it's important to note that when extending your stay permission at the local immigration office, your presence will be required for the necessary formalities. This includes having your photograph taken and undergoing a fingerprint scan, to be conducted in the presence of an immigration officer.

Documents needed

1.  Your passport

2. 2 photocopies of following pages in passport with your signature on all copies Front page showing name / surname / passport number Current Thailand Elite visa Latest entry stamp and all extension stamp in the latest visit (if any) 

3. 2 Inches (or 4x6 cm) photos (2 photos)

4. Departure Card (TM6) (suspended until further notice)

5. Thailand Elite Membership Card or Confirmation letter (please ask the member services)

6. TM30 Receipt

7. Filled TM7 form (available at all immigration offices)

8. Extension fee of 1,900 Baht per person to be paid to immigration officer in cash only

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