December 14

Thailand Elite Visa Entry Regulations


We humbly remind you of the following regulations:

  • Members must accept responsibility for conducting the 90-day reporting, visa/stay extension, and notification of residence for foreigners (TM30) in accordance with Thai Immigration Law.
  • Members on a Privilege Entry Visa (PE) will be granted one-year permission to stay in Thailand per each visit (or less if the validity of your passport or Thailand Elite visa is less than one year) and members on a Special Entry Visa (SE) will be granted 90-day permission to stay in Thailand per each visit (SE).
  • The member must acknowledge and agree that it is his/her responsibility to check the accuracy of the arrival or extension stamp and that he/she must extend his/her visa/stay permission before the expiry date stated on the arrival or extension stamp, or else the member will be considered an "Overstay" under Thai Immigration Law.
  • A member must acknowledge that he or she is responsible for any penalties imposed by the Thai Immigration Law for 90-day reporting, failure to notify his or her place of stay, and overstaying, such as a fine, ban from entering the country, imprisonment, and deportation.
  • Members must acknowledge and accept that the company will be unable to assist them in cases of late reporting, failure to notify of foreigner residency, overstaying, and penalties under Thai Immigration Law.

Please be reminded of the penalties for overstaying and failing to report within 90 days. To avoid such penalties, you can watch a short video in English with Chinese and Thai subtitles about 90-day reporting, stay extension, and the TM30 report.


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