September 12

What is TM30 All About?


The TM30 notification and the laws are based on a deal with a landlord's responsibility to report a foreigner's (a non-Thai national's) stay on their property. This rule must be understood by every foreign visitor to Thailand. Although the TM30 laws and the requirement to report a foreigner's stay have been in place since 1979, the government has only recently begun to enforce them more strictly and added this as a requirement to the 90-day reporting and visa extension.

How to report the TM30?

TM30 notification can be done in 3 different ways.

1. TM30 Notification in person at the immigration office in the neighborhood where you live.

As a foreigner staying in Thailand, you should prepare:

  1. a copy of your passport (photo page)
  2. a copy of the visa page in your passport and
  3. a copy of the departure card (or write down the number on the copy of your passport)

The landlord should prepare:

  1. a copy of the title deed of the property
  2. a copy of the rental contract
  3. a copy of ID card or passport

The landlord will receive a stamped return slip, which is the lower portion of the form, following the registration or notification (also known as "Receipt of Notification"). Keep this notification receipt with you at all times. It is highly recommended. When visiting Thai Immigration for any issues, such as a stay permission extension or 90-day reporting, this Receipt of Notification is one of the crucial documents. You must go to the police station to file a police report if you can't find your Receipt of Notification. The immigration office will then need to see a copy of the police report before issuing a new Receipt of Notification. To ensure that the original Receipt of Notification is kept in a secure location, you can make photocopies of it and only carry copies of it with you. Foreign nationals are no longer required to file TM28 reports when visiting other provinces for a brief time. This means that as long as your current address is the same, the receipt of notification is still valid. However, if you relocate, you must complete a new TM30 Notification within 24 hours of your arrival at the new location. Additionally, even if you continue to live at the same address after leaving the country, you must complete a new TM30 Notification within 24 hours of your return.

2. TM30 Notification through the website at

3. TM30 Notification through Mobile Application “Section38” (Downloadable only in Thai Region for Both IOS and Android)

The best and most straightforward way to complete TM30 Notification at the moment is according to the application "Section 38." You must first create an account in order to report using web-based and mobile applications. You can then move forward with performing TM30 Notifications after the account has been completed.

Can I use 90 days report receipt to show immigration instead of TM30?

This might differ depending on why the document is being displayed. It is not advised to substitute one document for another, though. We highly recommend keeping a copy of both documents in your passport.


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