February 23

Thailand Elite Flexible Plus Program


Thailand Elite is proud to announce the launch of a Thailand Elite Flexible Plus.

What is the Flexible Plus Program?

The Flexible Plus Program is a special program for foreigners who are interested in investment and special privileges to work in Thailand.

The Flexible Plus Program is supervised and operated by Thailand Privilege Card Co. Ltd., a company under the supervision of the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), which is responsible for taking care of foreigners with a special membership card that includes a variety of benefits and services to facilitate members traveling and living in Thailand, such as airport concierge services, fast lane services, airport transport, call center services, annual health checks, etc.

Privileges and Benefits

Thailand Privilege Card Members are eligible to join the program and are entitled to services and benefits according to their card type:

  • Elite Ultimate Privilege (EUP)
  • Elite Superiority Extension (ESE)
  • Elite Privilege Access (EPA)

In addition, special privileges will be extended to the member's dependents who are legal spouses and children under 20 years of age. (maximum of 3 people). They can request to change the type of visa from the Privilege Entry Visa (PE) to a Non-Immigrant Visa with a validity of five years and all the benefits similar to the core member.

Application Process for Flexible Plus Program

The participant must be a Thailand Privilege card member with a membership validity of at least 10 years or more and whose membership fee is more than 1 million Baht.

Step 1

Step 2

Submit your request to the company.

Step 3

Invest 1 Million US Dollars in 3 different types in Thailand and show proof of Investment. (within 1 year from date of submitting the application form)

Types of Investments

  • Property
  • Company or Public Company Limited
  • Stock Exchange of Thailand

Step 4

Members who meet the eligibility criteria to participate in the program will be qualified to request a work permit with the following steps:

  • Change the type of Privilege Entry Visa (PE) to a Non-Immigrant Visa.
  • Once the visa type has been changed, A work permit can be requested in accordance with the conditions.

Members who hold a work permit and a flexible card enjoy the privileges of the original package.

How to Keep Your Work Permit

Upon receiving a work permit, members must report to Thailand Privilege Card Co., Ltd. and present proof of investment documents annually for a period of 5 years from the initial investment date.

The work permit will be terminated in the following cases:

Members who are not entitled to apply for the work permit under the Flexible Plus Program will retain their Thailand Privilege Card status and receive benefits and services according to the condition of each card type as usual.

If you're interested and need more details, contact us today: https://thailand-elite.com/contact/

We are happy to provide information and welcome you all to invest in Thailand.


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