December 11

Stay Extension and Elite Personal Liaison (EPL) Service for Visa Issues


As mentioned in our previous article, we humbly remind you to always check your arrival stamp or extension stamp to ensure that you are not overstaying.

Please be advised that our Elite Personal Liaison (EPL) services are available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays at the Immigration Bureau (Chaeng Wattana Immigration Office). Other immigration offices do not provide EPL services.

If you require our EPL service to assist you with visa affixing or extending your stay permission, please make a reservation on our website no less than 5 working days in advance. In addition, when making a reservation, members will be required to submit documents. We will be unable to make a reservation for EPL service if members do not submit the requested documents.

The documents required for extending your stay permit are as follows:

1. Passport with valid Thailand Elite Visa inside

2. A copy of the following page in your passport (with your signature on all copies)

  • Frontpage of passport showing name/surname / passport number
  • Current Thailand Elite visa
  • Latest entry stamp in your passport
  • All the extension stamps in your passport that you have obtained since the latest entry
  • (TM6) Departure Card

3. TM30 Receipt

4. a 4×6 cm (or 2 inches) photograph (taken no more than 6 months ago)

5. Thailand Elite Membership Card

6. An official Thai letter from Thailand Elite*

7. Extension fee of 1,900 Baht (in cash only)

8. Rental Contract (Some immigration officers may ask to see your rental contract. Therefore, we highly recommend you bring the rental contract and one copy of it with you.)

*Please keep in mind that if you live outside of Bangkok, you must present an official Thai letter issued by Thailand Elite to the Immigration Office in order to complete the extension of your stay permit. Please make a reservation at least 5 working days in advance for letter issuance prior to your preferred date of visit to the Immigration Office. Please do not go to the immigration office without the official letter to avoid unforeseen circumstances. Please be advised that we will not be held liable if the Immigration Office rejects your stay permit extension.

Please keep in mind that we will be unable to accept bookings made less than 5 working days in advance, and we will not be responsible for any penalty fines incurred as a result of late reservations.


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