February 15

Thailand Elite Membership: 5 frequent questions answered


When it comes to making Thailand your new home, the Thailand Elite membership visa is an excellent solution for anyone wishing to obtain long-term residency in the country. The long list of benefits and privileges offered makes life here more enjoyable. In addition, the Thailand Elite membership application process has been simplified and has fewer requirements than other visas.

Discover in this article the answers to the five most frequently asked questions about Thailand Elite membership.

1. Can I work legally in Thailand with my Elite visa?

Thailand Elite Membership: 5 Common Inquiries Answered

As a reminder, as a member of Thailand Elite, you benefit from a “Privilege Entry Visa” (“PE Visa”) with multiple entries. This visa allows you to live, travel, and participate in all activities you want in Thailand. However, to work legally in Thailand, you must obtain a work permit. It is not possible to apply for a work permit with a “PE visa,” unless you are eligible for the Thailand Elite Flexible Plus membership program. This program allows eligible members to convert their “PE visa” into a non-immigrant visa and obtain a work permit.

On the other hand, you can still manage or operate a business if the company is overseas and your income comes from overseas. In addition, Thailand Elite membership allows you to be a shareholder of a company registered in Thailand, and even to be a director/officer, but you cannot be active in that role.

Contact us for a specific answer depending on your situation.

2. Can I stay uninterrupted in Thailand for 5 years with my 5-year Elite visa?

As a member of Thailand Elite, you can stay in Thailand without interruption for five years, but this requires a stay extension. It is important to understand that the validity of the visa and the authorized length of stay are two separate entities that function independently of each other.

Thailand Elite membership programs offer a basic visa validity of five years, with a length of stay of one year per entry. If you stay continuously in Thailand for more than one year, a one-year stay extension must be requested at the immigration office. The procedure is simple and only takes a few formalities. Not requesting a stay extension may result in penalties for overstaying. You can make a reservation on this subject at least 3 business days in advance at the Member Services.

3. Am I required to file the 90-day report (TM47)?

According to the Thailand Immigration Bureau, members of Thailand Elite are still required to file a 90-day report (TM47) if they stay in the country without leaving for more than 90 days. The 90-day report can be done online, by mail, or by going to the immigration office. Free service is also available for members in Bangkok, Pattaya, Chiang Mai, and Phuket.

However, if you leave the country before the 90-day reporting date, you do not need to report to the immigration office. The day count will be reset and will start on the date of your re-entry into Thailand. This 90-day report is free. However, if it is not made or is made late, a fine of up to 4,000 THB can be imposed.

4. Does the Elite Family Excursion fee apply to a single member?

Among the Thailand Elite membership programs, the Elite Family Excursion is quite special. This family package is open to a minimum of two people from the same family. Applicants must be married, have a legitimate family relationship, or be immediate family members.

The membership fees are 800,000 THB for the first two members, or 400,000 THB per member. However, if you wish to add other family members (such as parents or children), you will receive a direct discount. The membership fees are 300,000 THB per family member, and the membership validity is also 5 years.

5. Who can apply for Elite Family Premium membership?

It is important to note that the Elite Family Premium program is a complement to the Elite Ultimate Privilege program. Therefore, only family members of an Elite Ultimate Privilege member can apply for membership in this program.

In other words, if you choose the Elite Ultimate Privilege membership for yourself, you can choose the Elite Family Premium for your family members. The Elite Family Premium program cannot be applied for without its primary applicant. In addition, the validity period of the following members (immediate family members) is the same as the validity period of your Elite Ultimate Privilege package.


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