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Experience family living in Thailand with Thailand Elite’s family memberships


Would you like to stay worry-free with your family in the Land of Smiles? Whether it's a long or short visit, Thailand Elite's family memberships allow you and your loved ones to make the most of your stay. With options tailored to all needs and budgets, Thailand Elite offers various membership plans. Discover Thailand Elite's family packages in this article.

Thailand Elite's Family Packages

Elite Family Excursion (5 years)

Thailand Elite's Family Packages

Ideal for families who frequently travel to Thailand for leisure or business, Elite Family Excursion is one of Thailand Elite's family packages. This program is open to a minimum of two people from the same family. Applicants must be married, have a legitimate family relationship, or be immediate family members. With a duration of 5 years, the Elite Family Excursion allows you and your family to enjoy a long-stay visa without age restrictions.

The membership fee for the first two members is 800,000 THB, or 400,000 THB per member. However, if you wish to add other family members (such as parents or children), you will receive a direct discount. The membership fee is 300,000 THB per family member, and the membership is also valid for 5 years. Elite Family Excursion members benefit from a wide range of privileges, such as transfer service, airport service, concierge and administrative assistance, special discounts, and more.

Learn more about this membership program: Elite Family Excursion

Elite Family Alternative (10 years)

Elite Family Alternative is a Thailand Elite family package that offers a longer membership validity period of 10 years. Unlike Elite Family Excursion, membership in Elite Family Alternative requires a “core member”. The core member can bring one or more legitimate family members. The membership fee is 800,000 THB for the core member and 700,000 THB for the following member(s).

Like Elite Family Excursion, the Elite Family Alternative program has no age limit and does not allow membership transfer. Members enjoy various privileges, including assistance with administrative procedures in Thailand (90-day reporting, TM30), access to concierge services, and other exclusive benefits.

Learn more about this membership program: Elite Family Alternative

Elite Family Premium

This Thailand Elite family package is reserved for people who are immediate family members of an Elite Ultimate Privilege holder. In other words, Elite Family Premium is a complement to the Elite Ultimate Privilege program. If you choose to have Elite Ultimate Privilege membership for yourself, for example, you can choose Elite Family Premium for your family members. Moreover, the validity period of the following members (immediate family member) is the same as the validity period of your Elite Ultimate Privilege.

The membership fee for Elite Family Premium is 1,000,000 THB with an annual fee of 10,000 THB. Like the Elite Ultimate Privilege main program, Elite Family membership is transferable once (only to your immediate family) with a transfer fee of 20% of the prevailing rate. Elite Family Premium members enjoy several privileges, including assistance with driving license processing, assistance with opening bank accounts, special discounts at shops, spas, golf courses, and more.

If you're interested in learning more about Thailand Elite's family packages, we'd love to hear from you! Get in touch with us today to start planning your dream family trip to Thailand.


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