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Privilege long stay in Thailand

Launched in July 2003, Thailand Elite is the first residency by investment program in Asia. With over 20 000 members from 50 countries, Thailand Elite is your VIP pass to Thailand.

By becoming a Thailand Elite member, you will access to world of privileges: 5 years multiple entry renewal visa, 24/7 concierge services and more. Refer to membership programs.

The operator of Thailand Elite Card, gained state-owned enterprise status within the Tourism Authority of Thailand (“TAT”), its sole shareholder.

Elite pass to Thailand

Members of Thailand Elite are granted a 5 years renewal multi-entry visa.
Thailand Elite visa is the longest visa in Thailand.
Worry free long term stay in Thailand, your elite pass to Thailand.

Recognition & Facilitation

Being members of Thailand Elite is make your life in Thailand more easy. Indulge Thailand's lifestyle and hospitality. Be assisted to deal with Thai government agencies and access a world of privileges.


Along with concierge services, airport and limousine services. The Privilege Card offers special discounts and promotions from countless participating shops, spas, golf courses, luxury hotels and resorts for your convenience and happiness in Thailand



Become member of Thailand Elite offers a lot of advantages. Among the main advantages is the 5 years multi-entry visa which allows to live in Thailand full or part of the year.  The Elite visa allows you to open multi-currency bank accounts in Thailand with internet banking, obtain Thai driving license... The different membership packages will provide you with exceptional experiences and are designed to offer you superlative Thailand. 

Among the services you will access to 24/7 concierge services, immigration fast track in Thailand's main airports, limousine services and more based on your membership. 


Thailand Elite requirements:
The applicant/member must have, maintain, the following qualifications:

  • No visa overstay records in Thailand 
  • Be allowed to stay in Thailand in accordance with the immigration laws or any related law of Thailand
  • Hold a foreign passport from an accepted country 
  • Not have been declared a person of unsound mind, incompetence, or quasi-incompetence; and
  • Not have been sentenced by a judgment of imprisonment in any countries (except for an offense committed through negligence)
  • Eligible countries (citizen from an eligible countries, non sanctioned countries*)
  • Application must Approved by Immigration 
  • Payment of the membership fees of the selected program
  • Applicants with Non O (Volunteer), ED Visa and NON-Imm (Medical  Treatment) visa must disclose their visas and may have to provide additional documents.

Membership programs


THB 900,000 Net

A 5-year membership program granting a multi-entry visa for the same duration, complemented by a suite of privileges designed to enhance and simplify your life in Thailand.


THB 1,500,000 Net

Thailand Elite platinum membership

A 10-year membership that includes a visa valid for the entire duration, along with a wealth of exclusive privileges. Enroll with your family and enjoy a 500,000THB discount per family member.


THB 2.5 Million Net

A 15-year membership that includes a visa valid for the entire duration, along with a wealth of exclusive privileges.

Enroll with your family and enjoy a 1M THB discount per family member.


THB 5 Million*

An exclusive, invitation-only 20-year membership.

 Experience the pinnacle of Thailand Elite offerings with unparalleled services, reserved for a select few.

Become Thailand Elite member in 3 steps

Transparent and fast forward process. From the application to the membership it will take 4 to 12 weeks.


Submit your Thailand Elite application for the selected membership.


a. Wait for approval from the immigration, expect 4 to 12 weeks depending on your nationality.

b. Make the payment by bank transfer or credit card.


That's it!  
Once your payment is credited, you will officially become Thailand Elite member.

We will arrange your Thailand Elite visa and you can access to all the privileges.

Join 30,000+ Thailand Elite members.

Access to a world of privileges and VIP services by joining the only residency program in Thailand.